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Wireless Taillight Assembly -WB-900 Clearance Sale ending Soon!

Wireless Taillight Assembly -WB-900 Clearance Sale ending Soon!

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The WB-900 features a sturdy aluminium extrusion and intuitive technology.

This smart system is more than just a tail light assembly.

It’s a new generation approach to an age old problem (“no wires, no worries”).

From the sturdy aluminium construction to the sophisticated electronics, the WB-900  is a great wireless lighting solution.

  • Constructed of Aluminium
  • Lights meet Australian Standards
  • Runs on Lithium Battery
  • Has battery level indicator
  • Comes with 240V Charger
  • Comes with 12/24V cigarette plug for charging
  • Robust housed, Transmitter
  • Can attach a homing buzzer. This will alarm you if the WB-900 is left behind on vehicle once you’re more than 40metres away.
  • Heavy Duty Magnets are rubber coated – so no damage to vehicles
  • Can link a reversing camera
  • Trade plate brackets supplied
  • Can add the following options:
    – Reverse (squawker) Alarm
    – Reversing Camera
    – LED Work Light
    – LED Beacon or mini Light Bar
  • Frequency:  433 MHZ
  • Range:  +/- 40 metres
  • Operating Temp: -25-50C°
  • Light Source:  LED
  • Light Function:  Stop-Tail/Number Plate-Indicators-Reverse
  • Charging: 240V Charger and  12/24V Cigarette Plug Charger
  • Size: 900 L x 82 D x 52 W
  • Alloy Housing
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