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HAZARD WARNING CONCEPTS are a Queensland, Australia based business that believes that the key to continued growth and success is through continuous product development, combined with excellent customer service, low delivery times, competitive prices, and product reliability.

We can custom design and manufacture LED warning lights according to customer specifications and other requirements. Customers actively participate in product development to achieve maximum flexibility, thereby ensuring that products meet and exceed market requirements in aesthetics and technology.

At the same time, we will continue to expand our product lines and look forward to launching new products that meet market demand into the future.

All of our LED products are perfect for your POLICE, FIRE, CONSTRUCTION, or EMS vehicles.

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What makes us unique!

Hazard Warning Concepts has been supplying public safety warning lights and products to a diverse range of industries since 2016 .

Our Public Safety Warning Products and Systems are manufactured to high standards which we supply to Emergency services, Councils Security, Public utility services, Rural fire services, and state emergency services to name a few.

We believe that our customers including first responders should have the best products and the best technology to ensure the safety of workers, crews and the general public.


What is the difference between SAE Class 1, SAE Class 2 and SAE Class 3 Warning Lights?

SAE Class 1 Warning Lights
SAE Class 1 Warning Lights are most often used for emergency response vehicles such as police, fire and ambulance. Lights in this class have a candela value greater than 8100, with some reaching close to 18,000 cd-s/m when used to clear traffic in emergencies. SAE Class 1 lights are 4 times more intense than SAE Class 2 lights and 10 times more intense than SAE Class 3 lights. 

SAE Class 2 Warning Lights
SAE Class 2 Warning Lights are commonly used on utility and service vehicles moving at or below the speed of traffic. Candela values in this class range from 1981 cd to 8099 cd-s/m. Vehicles that are slow-moving or blocking traffic typically have warning lights with a candela value close to 4,500. SAE Class 2 lights are approximately 2.5 times as bright as SAE Class 3 lights.

SAE Class 3 Warning Lights
Because SAE Class 3 Warning Lights have the lowest light intensity of the three SAE classes, they are typically used inside of buildings where there is little or no ambient sunlight. Class 3 warning lamps may be used on forklifts, specialized machinery, or for an attention-grabbing effect at trade shows and indoor events.