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Hazard Warning Concepts

Phantom Light Bar

Phantom Light Bar

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Led Colour

LED Power: 3W LEDs

Price includes:

Adjustable gutter mount brackets
4M plug and play cable

LED Lifespan: 100000H
Flash Pattern: 14
Input Voltage: DC12-24V
Colour Available: red/blue/amber/white
Ambient Temperature: -40°C~65°C
Waterproof: IP67
Product Dimension: 122cm x L 21.85cm W x 2.4cm H
Mounting: Gutter Mount
Certifications: ECE R65 TA2, ECE R10, SAE J845 Class 1, CISPR 25 CLASS 3
Cable Length: 3.5m
Material: Black aluminium top housing, UV-resistant PC

Net Weight: 6.8KG

  • LED Power: 3W LEDs
  • Lens: /
  • LED Lifespan: 100000H
  • Flash Pattern: 14
  • Input Voltage: DC12-24V
  • Colour Available: single, split colour
  • Ambient Temperature: -40°C~65°C


SAE Class 1 Warning Lights
SAE Class 1 Warning Lights are most often used for emergency response vehicles such as police, fire and ambulance. Lights in this class have a candela value greater than 8100, with some reaching close to 18,000 cd-s/m when used to clear traffic in emergencies. SAE Class 1 lights are 4 times more intense than SAE Class 2 lights and 10 times more intense than SAE Class 3 lights. 

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