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Pair 7 inch 80w CREE LED Driving Light Bar

Pair 7 inch 80w CREE LED Driving Light Bar

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  • IN STOCK READY TO SHIP Australia wide
  • Adjustable Mounting Brackets.
  • Excellent design for heat elimination.
  • High performance waterproofing,dust-proof,quake-proof.
  • Anti explosion
  • Excellent distance compared to normal bulbs.
  • Suitable for various applications, such as roadwork, landscape lighting and general outdoor usage, this Cree 80W light bar was designed to provide you with exceptional lighting under all conditions.
  • High Performance- Featuring ellip-beam combo, our work lamp combines both wide and long light beams for better illustration. Enhanced pattern to achieve greater range.
  • 60 degree flood light for wide illumination

    20 degree - spot light for long distance illumination
  • High durability- high quality anti-corruption aluminium housing with heat dissipation design. Strong 304 stainless steel mounting brackets built to confront extreme conditions. Excellent weather resistance for driving in all conditions.



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