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Hazard Warning Concepts

IN STOCK Concept Surface Mount NAE-703-2

IN STOCK Concept Surface Mount NAE-703-2

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Led Colour


One of our brightest and best Led surface mounts, with a slimline flush design this surface mount is perfect for all vehicles, in particular those requiring a flush mount system. The series 2 is our latest design with 5 watts of high power, perfect for daytime warning requirements.

Rated: class1

This LED Warning Flasher has the option of single or dual colour and a range of different colours to choose from making it versatile. It has 26 flash patterns with a single colour and 23 flash patterns with a dual colour. It has six 5 Watt LED Bulbs on a single colour light and twelve 5W bulbs on a dual colour light.

This Warning flasher has a waterproof and dust- proof rating of IP 67. Suitable to be mounted to a range of vehicles and locations.


*Voltage: DC9-30V
* Lamp: 6 LEDs * 5W (Single Colour)
12 LEDs * 5W (Dual Colour)
* Certificate: IP67, ECE R10, R65
* Flash Patterns: 26 (Single Colour)
23 (Dual Colour)
* Temperature: -30°C to + 60°C

SKU: NAE 703-2

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