Why Upgrade to L.E.D lighting on your vehicle!

Why Upgrade to L.E.D lighting on your vehicle!

Emergency vehicle outfitters are now in demand today as society constantly needs to handle emergencies of different sorts. These emergency vehicles usually are equipped with emergency led lights. The LED lights are now increasingly becoming the lighting of choice by emergency vehicle outfitters as well as by other industries including commercial establishment lighting, medical lighting, and even residential lighting. The reason for this is because the LED lights offer very distinct advantages compared to the older filament-based emergency vehicle lighting like less heat issues, easier maintenance, longer lifetime and producing a much brighter light. With the continuous advances in LED lighting technology, you should expect to find more durable, thinner, flexible, compact and even brighter LED lights in the future which will spawn more novel applications. There is a good reason that emergency vehicle outfitters have begun switching to LED lights.

If you go to the market and would like to find the best emergency LED lighting for your vehicles, you need to consider first the benefits of LED lighting compared to the other types of lighting before you choose which one is the best for you. Here are several of the advantages of using emergency LED lighting for your vehicles compared to the traditional emergency lighting.

  • Emergency LED lighting are much brighter. This is the very distinct advantage of emergency LED lights for automobiles over its traditional counterparts. Emergency vehicle drivers need to have the best visibility as they go further distances or operate at night for them to be able to quickly and safely navigate the road. Emergency LED lights are the best option for finding the brightest emergency lighting. Additionally, it will also give high visibility even during weather conditions which are very extreme like heavy rainfall or snow.


  • LED lighting typically uses more advanced technology. Because of technological advances in the field of LED lighting in the past years, thinner LED light bar designs are now made available which effectively reduces wind resistance even up to 10 percent. It can be even flattened in order to flip up the emergency lighting device. LED lights are also calibrated for the usual strobe light mode but can also be programmed for the purpose of displaying wide array of flash patterns. The reason for this is because they can be easily switched on or off directly by the electrical control circuits in contrast to lighting a gas-filled bulb with the use of a capacitor. The LED light bars also have an array of individual LED lights that typically works like some pixilated outdoor sign.


  • LED lighting is more energy-efficient. Despite the LED lights giving off a much brighter light, the emergency LED lights used in vehicles consume lesser amount of energy compared to the conventional emergency lights.


  • LED lights are longer lasting compared to conventional lights. Another great benefit of emergency LED lights used in vehicles over the filament-based emergency lights is that they would last longer. Though LED lighting is expensive compared to other types of lighting, the cost is justified by having to replace lights a lot less frequently. Contact John for information on upgrading your vehicles with L.E.D lighting 
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