LED Surface Mount Lights are getting slimmer and brighter

LED Surface Mount Lights are getting slimmer and brighter

As L.E.D technology advances, lights are getting smaller, slimmer and brighter. Its easy to compare how big mobile phones used to be and how chunky they were to carry around. They’ve turned from what looked like a brick into a small, compact stylish device that can now easily fit into the palm of your hands, as well as the technology inside been greatly improved.

The same can be said for virtually any kind of technology, including the surface mount lights that Hazard Warning Concepts offers to there customers.

So why should we reduce the size of our surface mount lights? One of the biggest advantages of reducing the size is being able to fit more surface mount lights onto the surface of an emergency vehicle, your truck, car or equipment and keep them from protruding out from the surface of the mounting point too much. One of the biggest issues owners have with large and bulky surface lights is that they can be an eyesore, but they still want the same power and versatility in a smaller and slimmer unit.

Thanks to technological advances, we can now pack brighter leds into our surface mount LED lights (and all of our lights in general) yet still keep the size relatively small. As well as still being as power efficient and with no worry about how the lights function because they work the same way, use the same connectors and are powered the same way. For the customer this is a win as, you pay no extra price for the benefits. As technology improves, so do the cost-saving measures. However, it also opens up more possibilities when it comes to emergency light sizes.

Currently, old-school halogen bulbs are still being used on construction and emergency vehicles. They’re arguably the most common and currently produce more light than LEDs, but that doesn’t mean they’re more useful. While older bulbs are great for seeing the sides of roads, LEDs are much better at reflecting light off road signs so that they’re easier to see. They’re typically around 6,000 Kelvin which makes them appear whiter than even daylight, giving you a clear view of whatever you’re illuminating. However, as LEDs get brighter, the gap will eventually close and LED bulbs will be superior for brightness and visibility.

The bright LEDs that Hazard Warning Concepts offer can be seen from greater distances. They’re super bright, energy efficient and ultimately make driving safer especially in harsh conditions such as heavy storms or bad lighting conditions and of course at night. If you want the best in safety, efficiency and durability, then there’s nothing better than an LED surface mount lights. Check ours out here

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