ATV L.E.D lighting alternatives

ATV L.E.D lighting alternatives

ATVs play an important role in a lot of industries and departments. SOme ATVs are  outfitted with led spotlights, 2 way radios, sirens and and emergency warning lights.  

If you choose to get LEDs on your ATV vehicles, you will certainly have a better output of light comparing with other lights such as incandescent light bulbs and halogen. And LEDs will use less power. In general, the LED is a better option for your ATV.  So, what kind of equipment and lighting is more suitable for off-road vehicles, such as ATVs.

Are you using halogen lights?

Are you still using halogen lights, and considering a change. The application of outdated halogen lights is actually wasting your money and reducing your visibility at the same time. LED lights are now a better choice due to there longer lifespan, brighter luminescence, and higher stability.

The halogen bulb was one of the best choices for off-road fans many years ago. However, the dim yellow glow of halogen bulbs in reality drains batteries a lot quicker,  which makes LED lighting a far better choice. Also halogen lights have a far lower life span. Beacons and revolving light bars with halogen bulbs have moving parts that wear out in contrast to LEDs which have no moving parts whatsoever. There is usually a need for a combination of white lights and warning colors when selecting lights for your ATV.

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LED lights need much less power than halogen ones, which provides you with opportunities to use the extra power on other gear. LED lights allow you to select your own departments color, such as white, red, green or amber as well as a combination of these colors. LED lights last on average 50 to 100,000 hours (over 10 years of constant use).

Can You Afford LED Lights?

There is another reason why LED should be considered, which is that they are more affordable than other obsolete halogen lights. At the very beginning when LEDs were proposed and released into the market, the price was so high that they were not available for most small departments. however in the past few year that has changed. Because LEDs last longer than halogen and not drain your batteries like the old halogen lights do then the LED alternative will definitely save your budget and frustration of a flat battery. Further more , LED lights are less likely to be damaged due to the vibration and shake from ATVs and LED lights also have a better light output than the old outdated halogens. Many of our surf lifesaving customers and councils are now updating the ATVs with LED lighting solutions. Check out our LED products now!

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